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Data Insights

Social Media Detection, Shop-System & CRM, Change-Frequency-Factor, Customer Staging, Motivation Analytics

Smart Monitor

Existing – & New- Customers Monitoring, Target Group Monitoring, Trend Monitoring, Competition Monitoring, URL-Detection, Procurement / Sourcing-Monitoring, Certificate-, Market- & Job-Monitoring

B2B WebScoring®

Scorecard CRM:
Automotive, Insurance, Finance, Retail, Media

Depending on the field of application and customer requirements, our solutions are available in the following options:
via an internet-based menu in our cloud („Online Tool“) or a defined data interface to our cloud („API“)
or integrated into your own IT environment („On Premise“).

At B2B Smart Data GmbH, B2B Web Scoring® is a new way
of profiling existing (or target) customers in the B2B sector.

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You know your potential – we know how to develop it

Benefit from our customer analysis skills and improve your marketing communication campaigns.

We have analysed 3 million company websites to identify and match 140,00 keywords and all this data is available to you with B2B Web Scoring.

We filter the data to fit your exact requirements and ensure your targeting is spot on for increased campaign efficiency.

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