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With our solutions in the field of  business analytics you can realign your customer relationships along the value chain, expand your customer knowledge, exploit cross- and upselling potential and increase your marketing and sales efficiency. By combining intelligent data and internal eypertise, we provide you with individual solutions for your company.

This includes identifying the best potential customers, identifying potentials, reducing customer churn, providing valuable and specific information about your customers and real-time monitoring of certificates and seals.

We develop individual solutions on your behalf, support you if required in the run-up of your project planning and do not leave you a lone even after the project is completed.

Identify target customers

You know your 10 best customers? But you can't "clone" them? We can.

Now effective, accurate to the day and fully automated:

  • Receive new customer potentials
  • Increase sales efficiency
  • Avoid scattering losses

Reach the customers you never thought about before.

Increase sales efficiency

Are your leads really sales qualified? Increase your sales efficiency with B2B Web Scoring.

What you can expect from us:

  • Support in the process of acquiring new customers
  • Reactivation of former customers
  • Saving of time and research effort
  • Provision of a list containing potential customers
  • Increase in turnover

Invest in leads that are profitable and worthwhile.

Exploit cross- and upselling potentials

Our method of Web Intelligence helps you exploiting the cross- and upselling potentials in your existing customer  base in just three steps.

Now effective, accurate to the day and fully automated:

  • Identify the time of need
  • Find new sales arguments
  • Higher completion rates
  • Higher business success through additional sales
  • Increased customer satisfaction & higher customer benefit

Get more out of your existing customers.

DIY-Web Scoring

Our innovative method is available as a all-in-one solution for the independet performance of analyses incl. guidelines and training

Our developed method of Web Scoring can be used to:

  • leverage cross-selling potential in the existing customer base,
  • qualify existing leads,
  • increase marketing and sales efficiency,
  • obtain market transparency and insights,
  • maintain new customer potential

The solution for your effective identification of new customers and sales optimization.

Monitoring of certificates

A seal or certificate provides the desired added value only if the system is trusted by the end customer. It is therefore inevitable to prevent the seal or certificate from being used unlawfully.

Daily monitoring of several million websites 

  • fully automated
  • evidence and legally secure
  • data protection compliant

Take effective action against fraud and strenghten your own brand.

We used the services of B2B Smart Data to obtain an individual analysis of our existing customer data as part of our new product launch. As a result, we received relevant new information for the acquisition of new customers, which we would not have been so aware of - if we had researched it on our own. Now we can start the implementation with the help of the sales department.


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