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The team of B2B Smart Data uses advanced data analysis to deliver new and valuable insights for your business.

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With our solutions in the field of business data we support you in your data updating and data enrichment. 

This includes the daily update of customer data, enrichment of various data and the removal of no longer existing companies. We make sure that you are one of the firt to be informed about changes. 

By profiling the millions of company websites, we can determine for each domain which keywords appear there and how often. In this way we create a new data base for your business insights. 

Update customer data

With our method of Web Intelligence, we support you in updating your data and ensure that you always stay up to date.

Now effective, accurate to the day and fully automated:

  • Update contact details
  • Enrich data
  • identify closed companies

Be one of the first to be informed about changes.

Extend customer knowledge

How well do you know your customers? Enriching new data about your customers opens up completely new possibilities and solutions in your market.

Now effective, accurate to the day and fully automated :

  • Provision of specific information
  • Answering questions like: 
    • Which topics are in particular focus for my customers?
    • How online-affine are my customers?
    • When are the opening and office hours? When may the external sales team visit the customer? 
    • Which social media channels do my customers use?

Open up additional market potential and make your marketing measures more effective.

Keyword Database

By scanning millions of company websites, we can determine for each domain which keywords occur there in which frequency.

  • Provision of all keywords and company URLs
  • Individally tailored
  • fully automated

The new data basis for your business insights.

B2B Smart Data provided us with relevant information on suitable companies. Thanks to the analysis, we saved a lot of time in our extensive research. Now we can fully concentrate on establishing contact.

Dr. Frank Kersten, AMC Finanzmarkt GmbH

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