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Exploit cross- and upselling potentials

Get more out of your existing customers

"If you don't systematically deal with cross- and upselling, you will miss out on important sales with existing customers!"

To increase the turnover in the current customer segment permanently and significantly through cross- and upselling, an intensive examination of your customers is necessary.

In order to be able to take advantage of sales opportunities with every customer contact, you need sound knowledge of customer problems, tasks and expectations. You should also understand how you can help your customers to create products.


The result: Your customers experience appreciation by offering the right solutions at the right time!

With our method of Web Intelligence we help you to exploit the cross- and upselling potential in your existing customer base in just three steps.

  1.  Analysis
  2.  Clustering
  3.  Determination of potentials

Your benefits:

  • Identify the time of need
  • Find new sales arguments
  • Higher completion rates
  • Higher business success through additional sales
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Higher customer benefit

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