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Keyword Database

The new data basis for your business insights and analyses

Our database currently contains around 15 million words. By analysing the web presences of around 3 million company websites, we can determine for each domain which words appear there and how often.

Our keyword database is managed and developed on two equally important levels: On the one hand it is self-learning (inductive-automated), which means processes are automated, e.g. internet crawling to identify the website keywords. On the other hand it is deductive-manual, which means it is supported by experts, who for example identify key terms across a wide range of areas to assist word building and the definition of synonyms.


Your company uses these keywords to select target niche market players from our database and dramatically increase the efficiency of your campaigns.

For example the target group of public houses with a beer garden – as it is no fun trying to sell garden furniture to a pub which does not have an outside seating area. By using our keyword database to select pubs with websites featuring the keywords “beer garden”, “outside seating”, “terrace” the furniture company increases their marketing efficiency x-fold. 

Your benefits:

  • Provision of all keywords and company URLs
  • Individally tailored
  • Data protection compliant
  • Fully automated

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An extract of the keyword database

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