Keyword Database

Some specific target groups are not identifiable using standard selection criteria. Our revolutionary database with 140,000 keywords opens up endless selection opportunities across all industry sectors.

We have analysed the keywords for all the websites in our 3 million record B2B database and offer very detailed word-related selections not available elsewhere on the data market. Your company uses these keywords to select target niche market players from our database and dramatically increase the efficiency of your campaigns.

Our keyword database provides solutions to fulfil challenging data requirements. For example the target group of public houses with a beer garden – as it is no fun trying to sell garden furniture to a pub which does not have an outside seating area. By using our keyword database to select pubs with websites featuring the keywords “beer garden”, “outside seating”, “terrace” the furniture company increases their marketing efficiency x-fold. Similarly a transport company looking to target potential clients for their established Germany-Brazil transportation route sees a massive uplift in response from data selected on the basis of the website keywords “export” and “Brazil”. These are just two examples of how the keyword database reduces the hit-or-miss approach to niche marketing.

Our keyword database is managed and developed on two equally important levels: On the one hand it is self-learning (inductive-automated), which means processes are automated, e.g. internet crawling to identify the website keywords. On the other hand it is deductive-manual, which means it is supported by experts, who for example identify key terms across a wide range of areas to assist word building and the definition of synonyms.

Our database also includes the frequency of each word per website as a further selection criteria. You may also choose to use both keywords and standard selection criteria (industry, revenue etc.) to identify the ideal target group.