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URL determination

Companies have more than one URL

Many companies have multiple URLs (promotion pages, product pages, communication, etc.). In Germany there are 2.6 million companies based on 3 million URLs:
  • 2.4 million companies have 1 website
  • 200,000 companies own the remaining 600,000 websites
    → an average of 3 websites per company

The solution of the problem in only 3 steps

  • 1.Exclude invalid URLs
  • 2.Determination of a main URL by AI methods
  • 3.In cases with high uncertainty, additional quality assurance

Example: Assign correct URL to company

  1.     andechser-natur.dee
  2. Result of AI method:
  3. Additional confirmation by string „ANDECHSER NATUR“


Identification of as Main-URL is limited to a product of Andechser Molkerei Scheitz GmbH (imprint data identical)

Your benefits:

  • Data Update & Enrichment
  • Fully automatic & daily updated
  • Exclude invalid URLs
  • Quality assurance

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