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Extend customer knowledge

Open up additional market potential and make your marketing measures more effective

How well do you know your customers?

A B2B database should be more than just a list of unordered leads and email addresses.

In contrast, your B2B database should also contain company-related data about specific target customers. Company data includes industry sector, geographical location, company size and information about performance. The result is a actionable business intelligence using the methodology of Web Intelligence that you can use to expand your customer knowledge and increase your sales and marketing efficiency.

Provision of specific information: industries, contact data, URLs, imprint, company anniversaries etc.


In addition to the provision of specific information, we answer questions like:

  • Which topics are in particular focus for my customers?
  • How online-affine are my customers?
  • When are the opening and office hours? When may the external sales team visit the customer?
  • Which social media channels do my customers use?
  • Where are my customers members?
  • Do my clients have certifications or awards?

Do you ask yourself these questions or do you have further questions?

Please feel free to contact us without obligation.

Enriching new data about your customers will open up completely new possibilities and solutions in your market. This in turn enables you to use resources efficiently.

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The real company anniversaries


Use the best conversation occasion for your B2B business: An upcoming anniversary of your target customer!

We continuously analyse commercial websites in Germany for all upcoming anniversaries. A simple consideration according to the commercial register is not sufficient, since a simple classic selection does not take into account changes of name or current events - such as a personal anniversary of the founder or the location. Our intelligent web analytics identifies all relevant triggers and prepares them systematically.