B2B Identifier

Businesses need to adhere to a wide number of channel-specific legal regulations within marketing and an error in the data segmentation can have serious consequences. B2B Identifier provides a great solution.

Our modern matching technique uses many digital characteristics to ensure the highest possible rate of addresses are correctly identified as companies, SOHO or consumers. This accurate segmentation provides your company with a solid basis for targeted multi-channel communications with each of these segments whilst being on the right side of the law.

The legal requirements and permission for different channels, e.g. telephone, email and postal vary for B2B and B2C markets. Therefore one major key to being compliant is to know exactly which type of customer your company is communicating with in all cases.

Data owners also use B2B Identifier to generate new sources of income by identify company addresses in a so-called consumer file. They market this data to other marketers as a new and interesting data source on a well-developed yet stagnant address market.

Any type of data file can be used in the following multi-level matching process:

  • Level 1: Postal address, telephone number and fax number are matched
  • Level 2: Email addresses and website URLs are matched
  • Level 3: The data is matched against a consumer database

The information gathered in this process calculates a probability per address that the record in question is a business, consumer or SOHO address.