B2B Web Scoring

B2B Web Scoring is the ultimate targeting tool to profile existing B2B customers and prospects.

Our innovative scoring method identifies the most relevant keywords on your customers’ websites. We use these keywords to create a profile and subsequently identify the so-called statistical twins to your existing clients. Your company targets the identified companies and converts these prospects efficiently into new customers.

In a first step B2B Smart Data receives a list with the website URLs of your existing B2B customers. The websites are then analysed to identify the most relevant keywords. These keywords are matched against our keyword database with 140,000 words. The statistical analysis is based on presence, frequency and all parts of the keywords. The model is developed using 70% of the client websites. The remaining 30% is used to verify the model in terms of performance and stability.

B2B Web Scoring models can be used to:

  • Identify cross-selling opportunities with existing customers
  • Qualify leads, e.g. website visitors, trade fair attendees
  • Select new data for customer acquisition activities by applying the model to a 3 million record B2B database